PM2.5 is Killing Romoland


Much has been written about the effects of airborne dust particles. Like a dust clogged automobile air filter becomes no longer functional, human lungs get clogged and no longer function to support or protect the body.  Particles of sharp dust do not mix well with employee and public health.  Soil found in and around Romoland is composed of the finest of these particles. Namely Particulate matter 2.5 (PM2.5)

Romoland California sits in a flood path of runoff water that makes its way from the valley past the  Canyon lake man made recreational ponds to the natural lake of Lake Elsinore. This path was once less defined until sediment standing and slow moving runoff leveled the area of Romoland to push the rapid path of the heaviest downpour closer to Perris center. The flat topography left Romoland with a unique layer of the finest of these particles of soil.  Environmental tests and commissioned studies reveal that the soil under and around the Eastern Municipal Water District has an abundance of Fine soil particles . These particles are so fine that  more than 300 particles of this soil will make up the cross section of one human hair.


Particulate matter

 Scientists prove assumptions to be false or fact. The methods are very math based which leave little room for any debate. Particulate Matter two point five or simply  PM2.5 is a area of scientific study which involves particle of dust that are two and a half microns long. A micron is the term with a Greek mathematic symbol ยต . A micron is one millionth of a meter. The best way to visualize a micron is to imagine an average  human hair cross section.  This hair is 50 Microns wide. We can place over 300 PM2.5 particles On a single tip cross section of human hair.  This dust is so small it takes thousands of the particles to be seen. Soil disturbed allows this fine fine dust to do damage.

These math equasions the studies commissioned by Board members of EMWD to secure funding are conclusive. It is a Scientific fact.