Every day at 7am several hundred emwd employees pass the corner of Mapps and Trumble in Romoland on their way to the main office. To be fair they are not all actual wrench yielding craftsman but even hydrodynamic engineers and clerical employees know the signs of a leak.  Residents of Romoland understand the reason this goes unchecked.

At 7am the puddles are huge by quitting time, the puddles are half of the size or mostly dried up. here is an image. In this photo you can see that the leak has created quite a bit of natural landscape in the vacant corner lot.   The other puddle is in front of the riprap row of boulders that attempt to landscape the old storage pond.


Everyone with a home water bill knows that there is a leak sometime during the night. That quantity of wasted water generates  what is more or less a 200% charge fine. I believe the lack of concern is a reflection on workplace additude