6 year export, a neighbors story

Six years of this activity at the corner of Sherman and Vista ave 150 feet from my home. Here is a Watertruck operators attempt to control the dust after he saw me arrive with a camera. I can not be arround every time they do an export.


Truck driving on dry dirt. Check any jobsite in any high end neighborhood and you wont see this. 


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Blowing off the Dust

Car Covered in EMWD Dust

South Coast AQMD Issues Particulate Advisory due to 4th of July Fireworks. Should we have advisories for EMWD operations?

Export of soil material from a jobsite is regulated by permits. California State, Riverside County, and Perris City have developed rules to manage and enforce the safe healthy transport of material.  The CHP has an enforcement law that clearly states only “clear water or feathers from live birds” can fall from a moving truck.  The common term for the violation ticket is Show-Load Blow-Load.  CHP officers realize this is a great hazard for their officers and other motorcycle enthusiast CHP often write tickets to enforce this rule. Repeat fines are a misdemeanor

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I bet it is a leak

Every day at 7am several hundred emwd employees pass the corner of Mapps and Trumble in Romoland on their way to the main office. To be fair they are not all actual wrench yielding craftsman but even hydrodynamic engineers and clerical employees know the signs of a leak.  Residents of Romoland understand the reason this goes unchecked.

At 7am the puddles are huge by quitting time, the puddles are half of the size or mostly dried up. here is an image. In this photo you can see that the leak has created quite a bit of natural landscape in the vacant corner lot.   The other puddle is in front of the riprap row of boulders that attempt to landscape the old storage pond.


Everyone with a home water bill knows that there is a leak sometime during the night. That quantity of wasted water generates  what is more or less a 200% charge fine. I believe the lack of concern is a reflection on workplace additude

Ellis Ave Export

Dispatch trucking  project manager Shane Lemmon  did a better job at this end of the field with export however you can see that none of the loads were watered down to prevent dusting off into homes along Ellis. A better enter-exit would be to run trucks from Trumble ave Ellis intersection and avoid Sherman all together. With a Trumble at Ellis street set of shakers.


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Damaged Sherman Ellis roads

Driver hitting potholeStreet Damage
Recent EMWD export did quite a bit of damage to local county maintained road surfaces. This roadway was a recent build by the county road department and in perfect shape. Most of the damage was caused by trucks making hard turns leaving the project.  the compaction managed the weight. The turning wheels pealed back the thin layer of asphalt. With no city department of roads we have to wonder if anyone in the county will be able to force the watercompany to rebuild their damage.  Sherman Ave was once paved by local residents funds back in or around 2002. One year later the watercompany dug up the roadway to install a raw ground water pump line. EMWD never returned the roadway to asphalt at all. Residents once again collected funds to do what is at best a good attempt to manage the dust. Call Greg 951-830-5997 for information on the prior road way issue.

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Dried Pond Scum Export

In these images  you might not see a water truck however there definitely was one onsite. That truck was unable to keep up with two loaders and hundreds of  trucks a day.There must be an  understanding that the critical progress limiting task in this situation would be water trucks efforts and abilities.  

export being removed from stockpile site


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