Six years of this activity at the corner of Sherman and Vista ave 150 feet from my home. Here is a Watertruck operators attempt to control the dust after he saw me arrive with a camera. I can not be arround every time they do an export.


Truck driving on dry dirt. Check any jobsite in any high end neighborhood and you wont see this. 



My House  belowVista Road Romoland is 150 foot away. It makes no sense for me to do any updates or finish landscaping my property  with this constant mess. It’s impossible to enjoy a day at the pool when you spend the first two hours washing down the dust. 

 my house

This image below  is the guy who wouldn't stop making dust.  Two other neighbors were in the field trying to get him to stop 


  Something needs to be done.

fun for marcus

 Below is a Google Map of the area

  • Red arrow feather is the dirt stockpile
  • Yellow circle is my house
  • Pink circle is EMWD manager parking