Bizarre man with goggles swimming in vintage toiletWaste pipe and contaminated soil sorting.  Most sewer repairs involve some degree of risk of infection to persons exposed to the waste water and asbestos pipe dust. The  Eastern Municipal Water district collected contaminated soil is brought to the corner of Vista and Sherman for storage and sorting. This huge pile is dried, sifted and allowed to vapor-out the methane gas at this location.

I would estimate that the pile of contaminated soil is 1600 yards. The water company does not exercise proper care and reasonable protection of this by product. Here is the location of the pile of waste and contaminates ( that pile is in purple). Every time they export in mass it takes weeks for the dust to blow off the site and disapate.  This last export of contaminated soil was massive and completely irresponsible. This waste will be blowing into our homes and swimming pools for months.



This video is the export that ended up dusting out our neighborhood and coating EVERYTHING in and on my property.

There are many ways to protect employees from this hazard.  One of those ways is to move the massive pile far away from the work place which seems to be the only action they are taking. EMWD doesn't care about Romoland.