Driver hitting potholeStreet Damage
Recent EMWD export did quite a bit of damage to local county maintained road surfaces. This roadway was a recent build by the county road department and in perfect shape. Most of the damage was caused by trucks making hard turns leaving the project.  the compaction managed the weight. The turning wheels pealed back the thin layer of asphalt. With no city department of roads we have to wonder if anyone in the county will be able to force the watercompany to rebuild their damage.  Sherman Ave was once paved by local residents funds back in or around 2002. One year later the watercompany dug up the roadway to install a raw ground water pump line. EMWD never returned the roadway to asphalt at all. Residents once again collected funds to do what is at best a good attempt to manage the dust. Call Greg 951-830-5997 for information on the prior road way issue.



This road surface was not a typical highway build but a one foot import class one  aggregate base capped by a less than 3 inch layer of asphalt.  
Ellis Ave is the street where the  blowload trucks got speed up enough to produce a 35mph breeze to clear off uncovered,un water crusted  loads before the trucks made it to CHP monitored roadways. Much like the roads infront of the waterpark was utalized. This activity caused the watercompany to employ a street sweeper to collect the dust that by chance landed under the trucks and not in the private homes less than 50 feet away.

damage to ellis ave

The result is the compacted aggregate base in the cracks of this older asphalt surface was sucked out and is being replaced with expansive uncompactable dust. When winter rains arrive this new deep crack and cake of dust will give a wick path to saturate the native soil below the base and cause the asphalt to snap off. Repairs ar necessary to mitigate continued damage.

look how deep the hole is pleas fill with compacted soil