Dispatch trucking  project manager Shane Lemmon  did a better job at this end of the field with export however you can see that none of the loads were watered down to prevent dusting off into homes along Ellis. A better enter-exit would be to run trucks from Trumble ave Ellis intersection and avoid Sherman all together. With a Trumble at Ellis street set of shakers.


Trucks could hammer suspension on that unused asphalt road  to shake off the dirt that you can see gets dropped on each and every truck by the excavators carelessness. In the winter this will be nuts. the shaker plate gives no room for the trucks to get speed up to do the task of dirt and stone removal. You can see at the front of the video truckers can be idiots and create dust. Several truck operators bump up fan control just to dust me out while I took the video. Instruction or recourse might better way to manage employees who wish to show power and control this way.