Car Covered in EMWD Dust

South Coast AQMD Issues Particulate Advisory due to 4th of July Fireworks. Should we have advisories for EMWD operations?

Export of soil material from a jobsite is regulated by permits. California State, Riverside County, and Perris City have developed rules to manage and enforce the safe healthy transport of material.  The CHP has an enforcement law that clearly states only “clear water or feathers from live birds” can fall from a moving truck.  The common term for the violation ticket is Show-Load Blow-Load.  CHP officers realize this is a great hazard for their officers and other motorcycle enthusiast CHP often write tickets to enforce this rule. Repeat fines are a misdemeanor

The export leaving the Vista Street field is now being directly transported past the district offices a direct path to the freeway.  Hundreds of trucks making several trips  leave the project on export days with material having no moisture content.  These truck operators are fully aware of Show-Load Blow-Load fines and the fact that like an over weight ticket, The tractor loader operator is not responsible.

Trucks entering the freeway and city monitored streets must somehow remove the fine particulate matter from their uncovered and low moisture loads. Blowing off the dust is a mechanical process using 50 mph winds to leave only the largest grains of sand on top of the pile. This video show the futile attempt of sweepers trying to keep up with dangerous fine particulate matter that  is purposely being Blown off of the load. Dangerous fine particle particulate matter is deposited on every automobile in the employee parking lot, the entire management complex and in the public use Ball field complex across the street. The Ballfield and public streets do not have state of the art air handlers scrubbing out the matter


This process is no mystery . The occurrence is only necessary because independent truckers have no collective voice. Refusal to leave the project because the dust is not managed is a truckers lost wage. Education is the key here.  SCAQMD permits would have made the project manager aware of the Blow Load phenomena and protected the public with a moisture content requirement for each cubic yard of soil moved and or proper and complete cover.