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On The California Environmental Quality Act document Database and the Federal Environmental Protection Database EPA CDX there exist an Environmental impact report that clearly states the construction of North Trumble ponds will create unique particulate matter airborne dust of 2.5 microns  a known hazard to human health and well being.

The soil is Unique in that, other construction sites soils analysis included in the same study did not have the cautions and negative impact declarations.

Included in that report is mitigation measures that were made part of the requirement to continue the project.

Not only was the field soils unique, the field was used as an import stock pile location for contaminated soil where such soil was sifted to remove discarded ;asbestos pipe, ;solid sewer waste, and ;methane causing vegetation  in the effort to sell the soil to lessen the cost of export. Documents exist where it can be calculated that more than one million three hundred thousand cubic yards were exported. That amount of export equates to 65,000 truck loads past our property loaded by an unlicensed contractor under district supervision.  

Documents in the district public document database including managers reports and board decision requirement to notify area residents of export activities clearly show the board understood the dangers and negative declarations outlined in the report

I am a neighbor living 150 foot from the construction site for the last 30 years. When the project was proposed by this Board, I obtained a copy of the plans as a registered plan holder and had access to the same documents this board commissioned to secure funding on the state and federal level.

The EIR having a title of ‘draft’ and ‘focus draft’ are a bit confusing but that same commissioned report was included in every federal impact report Involving Trumble /Vista Road stockpile.  Each time the negative declaration included mitigation measures . such measures were not followed or considered under this boards watch.

I am here today to seek recovery of cost that were incurred and repairs that are required to correct damage made by the construction activities. I have just been made aware that my entire attic is covered in the dust, air conditioner coils and ducting choked with particulate 2.5 dust and my swimming pool plaster completely ruined. I continue to look for damage so caused by the construction activity and export to other EMWD projects and EMWD soil sales.

Hopeful to get a reply and avoid the need for professional help relating to the recovery and protection of future District activities on the property.